Greg Casten
Greg has been in the fish and food Industry for over 40 years.  With partner Ron Goodman, Greg helped create, develop, implement, design and build Ivy City Smokehouse and tavern. Greg has extensive experience with restaurant and fish operations and has been in Ivy City for 35 years.  With a few stints on lobster boats, his work includes Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place, Nick’s Riverside Grill and  Profish, Washington DC’s largest fresh seafood wholesaler.
Tony Cibel
The patriarch of the family, knows everyone in DC. Tony has dined with presidents, traveled with movie stars, and knows just about everyone that’s anyone in DC, yet is down to earth and very charming. His love for his restaurants carry over to the rest of his family, who carry on his passion for stellar service and excellent food.

Nick Cibel

Nick Cibel is a founding member of this restaurant family. Nick was born and raised in the Washington area. He has been working in the business since he was 12 years old. His attention to detail, gregarious personality and fun loving spirit make people want to be around him!

David Stein

Born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Chef David Stein is a graduate of the Baltimore International Culinary College. Chef Stein spent four years as executive sous chef at the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels’ Maryland. Later he moved on to be the owner and executive Chef of Bistro St. Michaels for 16 years. Living and cooking on the water has created a style that makes his ingredients the star.

David Pera

Dave is the man behind the photos and the marketing director of the restaurant group.  Rarely seen without a ball cap on his head and a camera around his neck, you will know he has been there by the trail of half empty vodka sodas winding through the building.  His brain fires at a mile a minute, coming up with and discarding ideas as rapidly as he can say them, until he strikes on one that sticks…and it is usually a doozy. Don’t take his energy or ideas for granted, talk to him while you can, because you will never see him leave, he is the king of the Irish Goodbye.